Fearful Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials, Atlanta Dental CenterBefore coming to the Atlanta Dental Center I was so frightened of going to the dentist that I only went when I was really in pain! I had a bad experience when I was sixteen getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and since then rated going to the dentist along with spiders and snakes.

I was a mess before coming and couldn’t sleep the night before – I have always tossed and turned before going to the dentist. The doctor talked me through the procedure and his assistant held my hand.  I had two root canals in an hour, but I experienced no pain at all, not the same day or next and even went to a cocktail party that night!

Before my next appointment, I slept like a baby and wasn’t at all frightened. Ever since then I haven’t been frightened and I have completely handled my fear.  I know that I will be taken care of at the Atlanta Dental Center and feel completely confident. I feel they care and that makes a difference. I actually look forward to coming here and regard it as a pleasant experience. If I ever moved I think I would fly here for my dentistry!



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