Dental Implant Testimonials

Dental Implant Testimonials, Atlanta Dental CenterA beautiful swan dive led to hitting a sloped area of a pool and severely cracking my tooth. Over time, the trauma this tooth suffered deadened the tooth’s nerve and resulted in its extraction. I wore a temporary restoration while I tried to determine the best procedure to replace my tooth.

I was torn between replacing the missing tooth with a bridge or a dental implant. I decided that a dental implant was the best for my situation, since an implant permanently replaces your natural tooth and maintains a stable placement that keeps the teeth around it from shifting. The decision to have a dental implant was the best thing for me. I do not have the worry or discomfort of wearing a bridge, and the implant’s porcelain restoration feels like my own tooth and it looks like my own tooth. I can actually say that I now smile with more confidence.



Dental Implant TestimonialsI came to Dr. Vazquez as I had a cracked tooth and was in pain. He replaced the tooth with an implant. The treatment was very easy, just the initial shots to get numb was all I felt.Dr. Vazquez is very knowledgeable in his field and he knows the latest up-to-date techniques with implants. I place my trust in him with all my treatment.

My experience was great and if I every need another dental implant, Dr. Vazquez will be the first dentist I call.The benefit of getting my implant is that I was able to replace my molar so that I could retain my chewing ability with my back teeth, which will be important as I get older. I feel confident that the treatment was done in the best possible way.



Dental Implant Testimonials, Atlanta Dental CenterI was recommended dental implants for my lower arch. At first I was a little shocked about the nature of what had to be done, and to be truthful I also visited another dental group just to make a comparison. And clearly Atlanta Dental Center was superior in every way possible.

After some preliminary consultation, I went through the procedure in one day. It worked out extremely well. All my lower teeth were extracted and they put in my implants. I walked out and I was basically pain-free. In fact, it was two days before Thanksgiving that this took place, and I was concerned about having Thanksgiving dinner. I was expecting a lot of pain and thought I would be in bed watching football.

The reality was I had absolutely no pain and very little discomfort at all. I sat at the table with everyone else, enjoying my dinner. I have never had a problem since. Everyone at Atlanta Dental Center was very professional and courteous, and it’s very high-tech.



Dental Implant Testimonials, Atlanta Dental CenterI needed to replace three teeth and was told that the best way to go would be with dental implants. At first I thought, “they’re going to drill into my jaw bone.” But actually it was so precise that it ended up being a quick and very comfortable procedure.

The doctors showed me this wonderful technology to place the implants in my jaw in exactly the right position so that the tooth was supported and held in place. I could see all of this on the computer screen. The technology made me feel comfortable with the process because I could see what was going to happen before I event started the procedure. There is such precision with which they line things up and that made me feel comfortable and safe.



Dental Implant TestimonialsI came to Atlanta Dental Center as I didn’t want dentures anymore. Dr. Lee took care of me and did my beginning consultation. She is so kind and considerate of my feelings.She was very thorough in her questioning, even asking me things I didn’t think of. She assured me everything can be done and that they would help me with everything.

All I have to do is come in. I decided to have six implants to support fixed-in teeth. There isn’t any set amount of implants and they help you decide how many to get.I now have a perfect mouth with my own teeth and I feel like a new person.  No more dentures! And I don’t mind smiling, my teeth feel so good!



Dental Implant TestimonialsMy father and a horrible accident several years ago and unfortunately destroyed his teeth. Both parents were patients at the Atlanta Dental Center and they restored my father’s beautiful smile.

At the age of 50 I found out that I would have to lose my front tooth. I immediately contacted the Atlanta Dental Center because of the great experience my father had. I had concern because of previous service from a different dentist. I met Dr. Lee and she was a breath of fresh air. I felt so comfortable with her approach. She is very personable, consoling and very reassuring, and knowledgeable about her profession. I was given several options and we decided upon the implant. John, at the office, was very instrumental in helping me get financial assistance.

Dr. Lee prepared me and explained the procedure and made it much easier for me to accept the idea of doing it. Everyone has been so welcoming and inviting. Every visit has been wonderful. My smile has been returned and I feel much more confident in all that I do, whether it is speaking to a crowd of people, singing or just giving someone a consultation. I feel much better since!



Dental Implant TestimonialsDr. Vazquez enjoys an excellent reputation among his peers. Knowing that I needed an implant, I asked two hygienist friends and they both spoke highly of Dr. Vazquez. They told me a little of the choices of doctors I had to choose from and Dr. Vazquez sounded like my best choice. I have been happy with that choice.

The implant has saved me from having a partial plate and helped me feel better about the future of my mouth as regards dental care. Being able to rectify a problem helped abate any negativity regarding my oral health issues. The transition was a smooth one from losing my original tooth and replacing it.  Dr. Vazquez remains professional and exhibits a calm demeanor of confidence. He is confident without arrogance. Most importantly, he does a good job.

The work Dr. Vazquez and his staff perform helped me to feel that wrongs can be righted. No longer do you have to live with a a less than desirable result of what life might deal you. Your mouth can be put back like it as or like it should have been. For me, there has been no pain or discomfort.  I am happy that I have avoided having a partial plate and have enjoyed the security of a permanent replacement tooth.

Dr. Robert Moshell


Dental Implant TestimonialsI was referred to Dr. Vazquez because of his excellent work with implants. I had gum disease and loose teeth. The gum disease was treated and I received treatment for gum disease and had tooth extractions and tooth implants.

Dr. Vazquez has an excellent patient-doctor relationship and he is very professional. I am very impressed with the treatment and the follow-up and care after the work is done. What I liked best was the beautiful smile after all the work was done. I have a trouble-free smile that has brought me numerous compliments and is very functional. It has basically given more confidence and I can eat most anything I want to eat.



Dental Implant TestimonialsWhen I came to Atlanta Dental Center I had multiple missing and broken teeth.  Interrelating with Atlanta Dental staff is like visiting your favorite family members. Everyone recognizes you and addresses you with respect and a caring attitude.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Vazquez made my dental experience really enjoyable. I never thought I would live to see the day that I would look forward to a dentist visit. From the time you enter the dental office the atmosphere is so calming and you feel truly welcomed by the receptionist and your appointment time is nearly exact.

On the day of my dental implant procedure, Dr. Lee and Dr. Vazquez explained what was going to occur and throughout the procedure they frequently checked to make sure I was comfortable. The procedure was painless and I walked out of the office with a bright new smile.I have increased self-esteem and confidence. Now I really enjoy public speaking!



Dental Implant TestimonialsI had few natural teeth, all of which were misaligned with a cross bite. Dr. Vazquez was able to remove all my teeth, with the exception of two, and install implants, all in one day.  Although the entire procedure (including installing permanent dentures) took 13 hours, Dr. Vazquez and his assistant tried their best to make me comfortable. Dr. Vazquez is very friendly, professional and helpful.  My teeth, although still the temporary fixed dentures, function well and look great.

Dr. Kathryn Geneva


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