Our Dental Implant Procedure

Doctor showing patient mold of teeth.

High-Tech, Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Placement

Dental Implant placement is a delicate and precise procedure that requires detailed diagnostics, thorough planning and meticulous execution. Our doctors use the latest in advanced technology and pay great attention to detail to ensure that your treatment is accurate, efficient, minimally invasive and comfortable.

Experienced and expert treatment

Dr. Schmidt is a highly trained and experienced implant dentist.

Dr. Schmidt is a highly skilled and experienced implant dentist who has earned special recognition from advanced implant training institutions for his exceptional surgical skills. He is also an experienced cosmetic dentist and takes great care to ensure your new replacement teeth are fully functional, look completely natural and fit comfortably.

Start-to-Finish Solutions in the Comfort of Our Office

The skills of our doctors, coupled with our use of state-of-the-art technology gives us the ability to perform all elements of the procedure. We handle everything, from implant treatment to the fitting and installation of your permanent replacement teeth—in the comfort of our office. This saves tremendous time and expense, and makes us a premier start-to-finish solution for all of your dental implant needs.

Our Dental Implant Procedure

Each phase of our procedure is thoroughly executed with great precision.

Comprehensive digital diagnostics

Patient getting 3D X-ray.

3D X-rays from the CT scanner allow our doctors to see 360° images of the mouth, jaw, neck and skull for accurate implant placement.

All treatment starts with thorough diagnostic information. Along with digital X-rays, we use our 3D scanner to capture 3D, 360-degree digital X-ray images of your teeth, jaw, neck and skull. The doctors use these images to determine where the bone volume and density is sufficient to support an implant, and where bone grafting will be needed.

After a comprehensive oral exam, which includes the X-rays, the doctor will determine which treatment is best for your situation. They will explain the procedure in detail and answer all questions. You will be completely informed about what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Meticulous treatment planning

We plan every surgery using 3D implant planning software so the procedure is precise and efficient.

Our doctors relay the CT scan images into special 3D implant planning software, which they use to precisely map out the placement position, angle and depth of insertion for each implant. They also pre-plan any necessary bone grafting.

This makes the actual surgery precise and efficient. For more complex cases, the doctors may also create a wax model of your teeth and bite to assess how your teeth line up. This allows the doctors to plan your treatment with an added element of precision.

Surgical guides.

Our doctors create a surgical guide to ensure that the implants are placed precisely.

Surgical guides guarantee accuracy of placement

For more complex cases, such as multiple implants or implants that have to be placed close to a sinus or nerve, the doctors create a surgical guide that is positioned over the jawbone to ensure precise placement. The guide marks exactly where and at what angle each implant is to be placed.

Gentle extractions

When a broken-down tooth needs to be extracted, the doctors use a gentle procedure that ensures the extractions are efficient, cause little to no trauma to the surrounding gum and bone, and are virtually painless.

Bone grafting to augment bone

diagram of bone graft.

When needed, our doctors will place bone grafting material in order to create adequate bone for implant placement.

When there is inadequate bone to support an implant, our doctors will place bone graft material to stimulate regrowth of new bone tissue.

Growth factors assist rapid healing

To assist in fast healing of the implant or bone graft, the doctors centrifuge blood platelets from your own blood to make a plasma rich in growth factors. This plasma is applied to the implant site. These growth factors prevent infection and reduce post-treatment swelling, in addition to speeding up the healing process.

Keeping you comfortable

Wand® injection system

The Wand® injection system delivers anesthesia comfortably.

We ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Our doctors and staff are friendly, kind and reassuring, and they make sure you understand everything about the procedure, from beginning to end. The Wand injection system delivers anesthesia comfortably.

Surgical standards

We go above and beyond to ensure your implant surgery is done in a sterile environment. We prepare the treatment room to be surgically sterile. Everything used during surgery comes out of surgical packs, including the towels.

Temporary cosmetic teeth to preserve your smile

Doctor showing patient mold of teeth.

You will be given temporary teeth while the implant heals.

When implants are placed in visible areas of your smile, our doctors will fabricate and place a cosmetic temporary restoration that will put no pressure on the implant while it heals.

Electronic monitoring of implant stability

The doctors use a special electronic measuring device to determine the stability of the implant. When the implant registers as highly stable, they can place a functional new tooth or set of teeth.

Trios® scanner.

The Trios® scanner allows us to take digital impressions for your new crown without the need of goopy impression material.

Digital impressions

The doctors use the latest digital impression technology, the 3Shape Trios® intraoral scanner, to obtain accurate impressions of the top of the implant. These impressions are used to create your new crown or bridge. Digital impressions are more comfortable and more accurate than traditional goopy impressions.

Your beautiful final teeth

Your final teeth are carefully crafted out of high-quality materials in order to get the highest aesthetic results possible. Our doctors consult with you on the look of the final new teeth. This includes choosing the color and shade of your new teeth.

The permanent teeth attached to the implants are made by the some of the best labs in the industry. The labs use the newest materials, such as ceramic and zirconium. Our doctors work with a master lab technician who helps ensure your new teeth look beautiful and fully natural.

$50 Dental Implant Consultation

If you want to find out how dental implants can replace your missing or broken-down teeth, come see us for a Dental Implant Consultation. One of our doctors will give you a comprehensive oral exam to determine if you are a candidate for implants. The doctor will answer all of your questions. You will receive the following during your appointment:

  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Necessary X-rays
  • 3D imaging as needed
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get any questions answered

For only $50. (A $449 value!)

To make an appointment, call (404) 800‑1442 or click here to request an appointment online.