“I was recommended dental implants for my lower arch. At first I was a little shocked about the nature of what had to be done, and to be truthful, I also visited another dental group just to make a comparison. And clearly, Atlanta Dental Center was superior in every way possible.

“After some preliminary consultation, I went through the procedure in one day. It worked out extremely well. All my lower teeth were extracted and they put in my implants. I walked out and I was basically pain-free. In fact, it was two days before Thanksgiving that this took place, and I was concerned about having Thanksgiving dinner. I was expecting a lot of pain and thought I would be in bed watching football.

“The reality was I had absolutely no pain and very little discomfort at all. I sat at the table with everyone else, enjoying my dinner. I have never had a problem since. Everyone at Atlanta Dental Center was very professional and courteous, and it’s very high-tech.”