Carrie Madej D.O.

“I am grateful to have Dr. Robert Schmidt as my personal dentist. He has truly changed my experience with the dental profession. For most of my life I had associated dental visits with anxiety, as well as the potential of pain if dental work was needed. From the first visit Dr. Schmidt and his staff were very compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. It was the first time I was visually educated about my dental health through my X-rays and detailed photos of my teeth, as well as informed of the causes of my recurrent problems.

“I had many old fillings that needed to be replaced with crowns and/or porcelain overlays. The experience was pain-free, the staff exceptional and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. The next year I had some cosmetic work done on some of my front teeth with veneers. I was quite anxious at first about changing how I looked; however, I have been exceptionally pleased with my results! Not only did the veneers improve my smile, they helped correct my bite malocclusion.

“I learned that dental health is linked to your overall health. It was enlightening for me and I have passed on this knowledge to all of my patients. I personally saw improvement with my sinus allergies, headaches and sleep. Not only has this improved my own health, I have seen it improve my patients’ health as well.”

—Carrie Madej D.O.


“Every time I come here, I know that I will get the best service and treatment. Everyone is so kind. I actually get excited to go to the dentist’s office—not just because of the free goody bag at the end! I am sure to be a patient for many more years to come. Thank you!”



“I have been a dental patient for over 15 years. Before coming to the Atlanta Dental Center, my experience with going to the dentist was very frightening. Now I look forward to all my dental visits. The entire staff had made my experience of going to the dentist a welcome event that I very much look forward to.

“The staff is very much interested in helping me maintain good oral hygiene and a great smile. I cannot walk down the street without getting compliments on my smile. Thanks to the entire staff and Dr. Schmidt for giving me a smile that causes the world to smile back at me.”



“I love Dr. Schmidt’s holistic approach to dental care. As a business consultant, I speak with clients and so of course, I wanted to have a perfect smile. I always receive compliments on my smile, which is important as I talk to a lot of people. I have to convince people and it is easy to convince them when you have a nice smile. My smile has also enhanced my self-esteem.

“Dr. Schmidt helped me take very good care of my teeth, as I didn’t want them to deteriorate to the point where I needed more advanced and uncomfortable treatment. He encouraged me to get sealants for prevention of cavities, as well as veneers, which handled a chip on one of my front teeth from a childhood accident, and gave me a uniform and beautiful smile.

“There is a family atmosphere at the practice; the staff is very professional and friendly, and always remembers you. I love the fact that they are always learning new techniques and that they stay up-to-date on the latest technology. It is a pleasure being a patient of Dr. Schmidt.”



“After visiting many dental practices that were unsure or unwilling to accommodate my request, Atlanta Dental Center evaluated and welcomed the challenge of improving my smile.

“I was given a treatment plan, and in the same day, Dr. Jessica Lee (a very compassionate, knowledgeable, and sincere professional) started the work.

“The end results of my visit were a great smile and the opportunity to enjoy all foods I love, once again. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who wants the best in dental care.”



“I was referred to Dr. Vazquez because of his excellent work with implants. I had gum disease and loose teeth. The gum disease was treated and I had tooth extractions and tooth implants.

“Dr. Vazquez has an excellent patient-doctor relationship and he is very professional. I am very impressed with the treatment and the follow-up care after the work is done. What I liked best was my beautiful smile after all the work was done. I have a trouble-free smile that has brought me numerous compliments and is very functional. It has given me more confidence and I can eat most anything I want.”


Dr. Tammy J. Avery

“I had spent numerous times inquiring about tooth-colored fillings with my former dentist, but to no avail. I did my research and discovered Atlanta Dental Center. Dr. Schmidt took very good care of me. My visits were consolidated to coincide with my graduation date. I am so pleased with the results and I have received many compliments about my teeth. Thank you for giving me a confident smile.”

—Dr. Tammy J. Avery


“I had tiny cracks in my front two teeth. Dr. Lee was so friendly and accommodating throughout the whole process. She wanted my teeth to look perfect—up to my standards. The staff fit me when it is convenient for me.

“My teeth look and feel amazing now! I have more confidence and a brighter smile, and more ease of eating.”



“Dr. Lee was friendly, kind and caring. All the staff were friendly. I got veneers and as a result, I gained self-confidence.”



“Before coming to the Atlanta Dental Center I was so frightened of going to the dentist that I only went when I was really in pain! I had a bad experience when I was sixteen and got my wisdom teeth pulled, and since then rated going to the dentist along with spiders and snakes.

“I was a mess before coming in and couldn’t sleep the night before – I have always tossed and turned before going to the dentist. The doctor talked me through the procedure and his assistant held my hand.  I had two root canals in an hour, but I experienced no pain at all—not the same day or next—and I even went to a cocktail party that night!

“Before my next appointment, I slept like a baby and wasn’t at all frightened. Ever since then I haven’t been frightened and I have completely handled my fear.  I know that I will be taken care of at the Atlanta Dental Center and feel completely confident. I feel they care and that makes a difference. I actually look forward to coming here and regard it as a pleasant experience. If I ever moved I think I would fly here for my dentistry!”