Cosmetic Dentistry Testimonials

Dr. Tammy J. Avery

“I had spent numerous times inquiring about tooth-colored fillings with my former dentist, but to no avail. I did my research and discovered Atlanta Dental Center. Dr. Schmidt took very good care of me. My visits were consolidated to coincide with my graduation date. I am so pleased with the results and I have received many compliments about my teeth. Thank you for giving me a confident smile.”

—Dr. Tammy J. Avery


“I had tiny cracks in my front two teeth. Dr. Lee was so friendly and accommodating throughout the whole process. She wanted my teeth to look perfect—up to my standards. The staff fit me when it is convenient for me.

“My teeth look and feel amazing now! I have more confidence and a brighter smile, and more ease of eating.”



“Dr. Lee was friendly, kind and caring. All the staff were friendly. I got veneers and as a result, I gained self-confidence.”



“I had been wanting a Hollywood smile but wasn’t sure where to go. I had seen a lot of work on people that didn’t look good to me, looked fake or just not right. After a friend told me about Atlanta Dental Center, I decided to try them out.

“When I saw how good the doctor’s work was, I decided to get my smile makeover done. The doctor was really fast and got it right the first time. There wasn’t any pain during the implant procedure and only slight pain for a short time after. Now I have an amazing smile and I get a lot of compliments.”