Dental Implant Testimonials


“When my doctor first talked about the implant, I thought, ‘What are you going to do? Stick something in my jaw?’ But actually, it turned out to be pretty much a non-event. It was easy and, to this day, everything is fantastic with the implant. I am very pleased with that experience. Now I have a very functional set of teeth in my mouth, which is great. I couldn’t ask for better.

“What I have noticed over time is that Atlanta Dental Center has evolved its practice to really take advantage of all the new technology. This makes it a nice, easier experience for me as a patient. Things don’t hurt and things don’t take as long because of the technology they have embraced.

“We have done everything—from wisdom teeth being extracted, to the implant, which was a great thing, to veneers that have really brightened my smile beyond belief. I believe this has been one of the things that has helped me in my career as well, having a great set of teeth and a great smile.”



“I just wanted to let everyone know what a fantastic experience I had when I had to have two implants put in. The first part was having two teeth pulled. I have had a tooth pulled before, but this experience was nothing like my last. The doctor used a new technology—that he showed me later—that made the extractions simple, clean and painless!

“I then started the implant surgery, which I was not looking forward to because I had heard that people had a lot of pain afterward! I wish I had not fretted as much as I did because the surgery was absolutely fine and quick, and the recovery was, again, amazing.

“I left the office not looking forward to the rest of that day and the day to come. Well, to my surprise, I felt perfectly fine! I never had any pain of any kind. Everything has gone very well. Healing has been flawless. I will highly recommend Atlanta Dental Center to everyone.”



“I was so disgusted with my smile. I had an old partial in my mouth for about 10 to 20 years, and it was beginning to flop around in my mouth. I found Atlanta Dental Center on the Internet one night; I came in for a consultation and decided to have dentures over implants. Now I have my swag back!”