Invisalign Testimonials


“I saw one of the doctors on the front of a magazine at Whole Foods and immediately liked the look of him. I originally came in to whiten my teeth, but the doctor suggested I do Invisalign first as three bottom teeth were really impacted and not only could look better but also they were more susceptible to periodontal disease. Invisalign completely handled my crooked lower teeth. And it was easy! Now all anyone notices are my white, straight teeth!”



“When I met my husband, what attracted me to him was his pretty smile. He was a patient at the Atlanta Dental Center. After we married, he brought me in to meet the doctors. Now I have been coming here for 17 years, and I can say the dental work has always been excellent. Everyone is always very friendly.

“I decided to get Invisalign when I came in for a routine cleaning, and the doctor explained to me how it could improve my smile. I had bottom teeth that overlaid each other, which I inherited from my mother’s side. Except for an hour of slight discomfort when my Invisalign trays were changed, Invisalign was a comfortable procedure.”



“Growing up I had some teeth crowding, and I never liked it. I am a flight attendant and am around a lot of people, but I didn’t smile much as I didn’t like my smile. I was embarrassed to show my smile to people. I eventually decided to take care of it and came to Atlanta Dental Center.

“The staff are very professional and friendly. They were also very helpful with working with me on how to do payments. The doctor was very thorough on explaining how the Invisalign procedure works. I have more confidence now that my teeth are straight and don’t think anything of smiling and interrelating with people.”



“I straightened my teeth over 25 years ago through orthodontic braces but, since that time, my teeth had shifted, and a gap developed between my two front teeth. The gap was not only aesthetically unappealing, but also problematic when I ate. The doctor suggested that Invisalign was an option I should consider to close the gap and straighten my teeth.

“Invisalign made straightening my teeth hassle-free and easy. There were no wires or brackets to deal with. A series of computer-generated aligners gently shifted my teeth into their corrected position, and the gap between my teeth disappeared. Once my teeth were straightened, I decided to give my smile a nice polished look. I replaced the silver fillings that gave my smile a darkened appearance with white composite fillings. Now I smile, and all you see are pretty, white straight teeth.”