One-Visit CEREC Testimonials


“As a singer, it is very important to me to have a good smile. In my business, my mouth is open a lot! I had a broken tooth in front and discoloration, probably from growing up with bad water. Whitening wasn’t doing anything, so I wanted to get veneers. The work has given me a confidence booster and, hopefully, an inspiration to other performers to be their best. I have been a patient for a year and it’s been wonderful.

“I look forward to coming back. Dr. Schmidt has a wonderful personality. He is direct, but informative, with a warm, friendly presence. The staff makes me feel like they are concentrating on me, not just on how many patients they can get through the door. They make me feel at home and everyone remembers my name. Everyone is very approachable, from the top guy down. They have a strong rapport amongst themselves and seem like a family. Best of all, they have a sense of humor and enjoy the work they are doing!

“A lot of dental work I had done in the past was just putting out fires instead of really handling my smile. I finally made the decision to just redo my smile altogether. This dentist office has really helped me with this. I feel they have given me my smile back. I don’t know anyone who speaks about their dentist the way I do. I think my dentist is great!”



“I found out about the Atlanta Dental Center when looking in a local directory. It was close to my work, so I stopped in. I found everyone so friendly and helpful that I have stayed ever since. It is like a hometown dentist where everyone knows everyone else and all the staff know my name. I have been referring all my friends to this office and they all love it too.

“Recently, I thought I needed to pull a molar, but was told I could save the tooth and got a porcelain cap in just 20 minutes using the CEREC technology.

“Ideally, you want to feel as comfortable as possible, and my dentist always makes me feel comfortable with his calming and sweet manner. Being a nurse, I have a crazy schedule, but that isn’t a problem. The staff fit me in, work around my schedule and are flexible, which I appreciate.

They make the whole setting so relaxed and not at all frightening. They numb you first before injecting and you never realize it happened. Even people who I sent in who had a fear of needles said they didn’t feel anything. They use high-tech digital imaging and take 3D pictures. They also keep you informed of the procedures and give you options, without any pressure. I live an hour away, but once you get that type of service you know it is worth the trip.”